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ireport 2.0.2 software of jasperreport - XML
ireport 2.0.2 software of jasperreport  Sir, I am using ireport 2.0.2 software for creating .jrxml report. I want to create a bar chart using ireport software. I m using sql 10g as my database. The table consist
Error after restart server... - XML
Error after restart server...  Hi, Im using Oracle JDeveloper 10g and Oracle SQL database.. Yesterday, the server team said they want to restart... that my app cannot link.connet to the database...before the server restart my
XML Interviews Question page10
XML Interviews Question page10       Can I use JavaScript, ActiveX, etc in XML files.... XML is about describing information; scripting languages and languages
Consolidated XML to individual XML - XML
Consolidated XML to individual XML  How to separate the consolidated XML file to separate the individual XML names, when a user import the consolidated XML file
Truncating issue while parsing XML with SAX Parser.
Truncating issue while parsing XML with SAX Parser.  I am Parsing one xml file and after parsing I have to enter the data into the database using hibernate. The problem is while parsing some elements, its not getting the complete
sql/xml query in jsp - JSP-Servlet
sql/xml query in jsp  Sir Here is my code which is not working... I have created database in db2 9 here are details of it: schema:"SYSTEM" name:PROFILE columns:id (bigint) and INFO (xml) data stored:id=1 and info=nitin
XML to DB2 Comparison using Java xpath
from xml and save it a file. similar way query details from database and save...XML to DB2 Comparison using Java xpath  Hi , I am a manual tester...' products . i want to compare these xml values with db2 using Java. I have Good
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java program for writing xml file - Java Beginners
java program for writing xml file  Good morning i want to write values from my database(one table)into one xml file. Like i have 3 coloumns in my... xml file and storet that in particlar location. Please help me out Thanks