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VoIP Over Wireless
VoIP Over Wireless          Voice over Wireless IP Combining VoIP with 802.11 wireless LANs to create a wireless telephone system for offices is an emerging market
Theming API
Theming API       Theming API You can edit or modify theme of widget... to be applied to error messaging container elements. Applies "
Java API
and messaging application. Java 3D A scene graph based 3D API. Java Open GLA wrapper...Java API what is Java API? API stands for Application Programming Interface, an API can define how a programmer can access a functionality within a library
Confermation for use of API - Java Beginners
Confermation for use of API  HI ! I am new here. I am making an application for wireless communication between mobile and pc. Let me know which api... Bluetooth wireless connector
Chapter 4. Demonstrate understanding of database connectivity and messaging within IBM WebShpere Application Server
connectivity and messaging within IBM WebShpere Application ServerPrev Part I...;Demonstrate understanding of database connectivity and messaging within IBM.... It requires Java Transaction API (JTA) transactions within
API  what means API in java?   Hi Friend, The Application Programming Interface (API) is a library of functions that allow programmers... for building software applications in java. If you want to know about java api, please
Wireless communication - Java Beginners
Wireless communication  I want to send and receive data(message/data) between 2 lappys which are connected in wireless lan. can u plz expalin how to start the JAVA source code
api  WHAT IS THE DEFINITON OF API,EXPLAIN IN DETAIL?   An API is the interface implemented by an application which allows other... of it by a computer program. An API differs from an application binary interface
Introduction to Java Mail API
to develop mail and messaging applications in Java technology. Java Mail API is also... Introduction to Java Mail API       The Java Mail API allows the developers to add mailing
Java Transaction API
; JTA is a service-oriented API specification that allows applications... or more networked computer resources. JTA is supposed as the service API used... by java transaction API is javax.transaction.UserTransaction, which provides