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java - Java Beginners
and remove its items.It is synchronized. For more information, visit the following
what is diference between the vector and arraylist with realtime example - Java Interview Questions
is synchronized therefore it is thread safe while ArrayList is not. 2)Vector
;while(true){   synchronized(s1){   synchronized(s2){  ...;while(true){   synchronized(s2){      synchronized(s1
Core Java
"Producer" and "Consumer" share the synchronized methods of the class "Threads... val; boolean value = false; synchronized int get() { if(!value) try { wait...); value = false; notify(); return val; } synchronized void put(int val
Core Java Interview Question, Interview Question
notify). Question: What is synchronized keyword? In what situations you will Use... synchronized keyword. EXAMPLE Some real-world tasks are better... or more methods of a class can be declared to be synchronized. When a thread calls
JAVA Method Wait
is used inside the synchronized code. The wait ( ) is defined inside the object...(){ try { synchronized(this){ wait(); System.out.println("value is ...(String st){;  try { synchronized(this) { notifyAll
StringBuilder v/s StringBuffer - Java Beginners
, the threads run in synchronized manner. AFAIK StringBuilder is NOT synchronized  ... in all respects to StringBuffer except that it is not synchronized, which means
Thread Deadlocks - Java Tutorials
. When two threads have circular dependency on a synchronized, deadlock... complete. Means it will have a deadlock class X { synchronized void foo(Y y...; trying to call Y.last()"); y.last(); } synchronized void last
that only comes in action when the object has synchronized method code... as a guard, ensuring synchronized access to the resource. Only one thread at a time... the lock means the thread currently in synchronized method and released the lock
Java collection Vector
Java collection Vector  How can we use the vector class in java program?   The vector class is similar to the ArrayList class except that the vector class is synchronized. import java.util.Iterator; import