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to prevent the current access to the same code. synchronized(this){ //Your database
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java  drivermanager class loads the drivers to connect odbc these driver manager classes are belongs to Jdbcapi,What about Odbc?  Hi friend, The JDBC-ODBC Bridge uses synchronized methods to serialize all
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is synchronized.. It contains many legacy methods which are not part... to HashMap, but is synchronized hashtable stores key/ value pairs... are dynamic in nature. Since the methods of Arraylist are not synchronized
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extra care to make the action resources thread safe or synchronized while developing
Java - JDBC
(); for(int n=0;n  public synchronized void windowClosing(WindowEvent...); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); } public synchronized void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt){ textArea.setText(""); } public synchronized void run(){ try
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synchronized this throw throws transient try void volatile while
(help me) use wait() and notify() method in Thread.
Multithreading { int val; boolean value = false; synchronized int get() { if(!value) try...("SINTOK"); value = false; notify(); return val; } synchronized void put(int val
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; public synchronized int get() { while(available == false...; notifyAll(); return contents; } public synchronized void
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InterruptedException { synchronized (list) { while (list.isEmpty..."); synchronized (list) { list.add(item); print("added: '" + item
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. Since the methods of Arraylist are not synchronized therefore they are faster... under the legacy classes. They are synchronized. Vector has a default size of 10