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Chat server
Chat server  Please provide me complete information for making a chat server project using JMS
Javascript validations problem
Javascript validations problem  i have attached two jsp files 1.sports1.jsp and sports.jsp files Here when i run my sports.jsp file my validation works correctly but when my validation fails i am getting an alert window and i am
SQL Server row comparison using two tables
SQL Server row comparison using two tables  insertion process are completed in table1.string comparison using table2 to table1 if any changes in these tables and then upadated
Video streaming using java
have to stream the video in the server side and send that to the client side.(Like youtube i.e no video url has to be used in client side). I didn't have any...Video streaming using java  I want to create a website based on video
chatting Server
chatting Server  I want to develop a chatting server in jsp using mysql as database.What I need for that. Please tell me
Online exam using c# and SQL server
Online exam using c# and SQL server  hello, i'm making the (window based)online examination system using and SQL SERVER. my database is stored on server. my question is: if during the examination server gets failed
Tomcat Server
Tomcat Server  Why my tomcat server installation stop at using:jvm c:\program files\java\jdk 1.6.0\bin\client\jvm.dll. Even though i trying to install several times. please help me....   Installing Tomcat Server
FTP Server
FTP Server  i'm working on ftp server if one client has uploaded a file i need to save the details of the user who has uploaded the file like username,filename & ipaddress using java
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Basics
of Enterprise JavaBeans, how to use it in making server side component. Enterprise... server-side model that provides component architecture for modular.... The Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a technology used for developing server
Spring 4 MVC Login form Example with source code
the form using JavaScript or use the server side logic to validate the form. Topics... the form using the server side validation. You can easily add the database... and add server side validation? The Spring 4 is the latest version of Spring