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JAVA - JSP-Servlet
ServletConfig and ServletContext object? mail: [email protected] ... of the servlet instances within the context whereas ServletConfig object is created... in that application. 2)ServletConfig parameters are specified for a particular
java - Servlet Interview Questions
implemented Servlet and ServletConfig interface for developing GenericServlet.And also... class implementing same interfaces (Servlet and ServletConfig)HttpServlet
CORE JAVA  What is Garbage collection in java? What is the role of a developer for garbage collection
Chapter 14. Security Management
the EJB support for security management including security roles, security role... A SECURITY ROLE is a semantic grouping of permissions... the security view of the application. <!-- The security-role
Servlets - Java Interview Questions
is contained within the ServletConfig object. Specifies the param-value pairs... ServletConfig It is a servlet configuration object used by a servlet container used.... For particular servlet in your application there is one ServletConfig For read more
Methods of Servlets
(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException The init() method is called only... a ServletException Parameters - The init() method takes a ServletConfig object... ServletConfig getServletConfig()  This method contains parameters for initialization
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extends HttpServlet { ServletConfig con; ServletContext ctx; public void... the following link: ServletConfig Example Thanks   thanx now it got
Interceptors in Struts 2
, displaying intermediate result etc. Interceptor plays an important role in Struts 2...: It supports action based on role. scope: Used for storing Action state in the session or application scope. servletConfig: Provide access to Maps
Given a security-related deployment descriptor tag, identify correct and incorrect statements and code related to that tag.
. The following example illustrates a security role definition (made...-descriptor> <security-role> <description> This role includes... self-service application. This role is allowed only to access his/her own
Servlet Interview Questions
CGI played a major role in the explosion of the Internet, its performance... and ServletConfig interfaces. GenericServlet may be directly extended by a servlet... in the ServletConfig interface. GenericServlet also implements the log method, declared