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struts and hibernate - Development process
struts and hibernate  Hi all, I want to develop a login page and direct it to different employee pages with respect to role of the employee,like admin->admin page,finance unit->financepage like that. my project is Invoice
validation - Struts
validation  Hi Deepak can you please tell me about struts validations perticularly on server side such as how they work whats their role etc.? thank you
Use of wrapper objects - Java Interview Questions
Use of wrapper objects  What is the role & use of Java wrapper objects?  Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Thanks
Given a code listing, determine whether it is a legal and appropriate way to programmatically access a caller's security context.
role. Security roles are defined by the Application Assembler... field can be changed only by callers // who have the security role "... is responsible for DECLARING in the security-role-ref elements of the deployment
servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
interface with a unique object when implement the ServletConfig interface
Match the name with a description of purpose or functionality, for each of the following deployment descriptor elements: ejb-name, abstract-schema-name, ejb-relation, ejb-relat
, abstract-schema-name, ejb-relation, ejb-relationship-role, cmr-field, cmr-field-type, and relationship-role-source. Prev ...-relationship-role, cmr-field, cmr-field-type, and relationship-role-source
Bluetooth devices can communicate concurrently
device playing the role of the master can communicate with up to 7 devices playing the role of the slave. There can be network of group of up to 8 devices in which
I am getting error org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named 'IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY' is defined - Spring
/**=ROLE_DEVELOPERto the Bean:<bean id="filterChainProxy" class="... file.I moved the code/secured/**=ROLE_DEVELOPERto the following section: <.../**=ROLE_DEVELOPER ]]></value> </property>and it worked.Cheers
what is web .config method
(ServletConfig config), then make sure to call super.init(config). Why servlet context is used but not ServletConfig what is use of the servletconfig... application. while Servletconfig hold the information about the servlet only
Counter in Init() Method
which takes one argument of ServletConfig. Firstly declare a variable counter... an object which implements ServletConfig interface. It uses the method getInitParameter() method of  the ServletConfig interface to the value of the init