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Converting XML to string
Converting XML to string  Hi Friends, I had an requirement in which a java program receives an xml messages from external web application such as (jsp, php) and then it converts the received xml message into a string. could
full form - XML
model for XML that was designed specifically for the Java platform. Thanks
data retrival and presentation - XML
is retrieved from xml file. Which contains 1000 i want to present them... the following links:
questions from an xml file
questions from an xml file  i am developing online bit by bit exam for that i retrieved questions from an xml file but when i retrieved using jsp i am getting all questions at a time in a single page.but i want to show one
How to extract details from XML? - JSP-Servlet
How to extract details from XML?  I want to extract details from How can i extract details from this link?Here is my program... Airport
JSP  How to retrieve the dynamic html table content based on id and store it into mysql database? How to export the data from dynamic html table content to excel?Thanks in Advance.. Plz help me its urgent
XML  How i remove a tag from xml and update it in my xml
retrieving xml document from database
retrieving xml document from database  Hi Guys, I want to retrieve the xml document stored in the database on to a jsp page using jdbc/odbc connnection.Please help me in implementing this feature. Thank You Madhu
export to word document - Java Beginners
export to word document  hi sir,when i am click on a button under the jtable,for example (print button),then i want to print that jtable in word document,automatically,plz provide program sir  Hi Friend, Try
xml  validate student login using xml for library management system