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Using JSP in pure XML generating conforming XHTML
; Example program to demonstrate using JSP in pure XML generating conforming XHTML This JSP example describes how JSP tags for XML can be used in XML generation... in JSP files in their XML format is given as below: <jsp:root> <
web pagr designing - XML
web pagr designing  what is the use of XML in web page designing i want a sample code? i mean to say what is the real use of XML in jsp??? can any body suggest me
Java XML
using JDOM | Parsing The XML File Using JDOM Parser in JSP...Java XML In this section we will learn how to manipulate XML files in Java program. Java provides excellent API for manipulating the XML files. In your Java
Export Data into CSV file uing JDBC in JSP
Export Data into CSV file uing JDBC in JSP       CSV file : A CSV file is commonly known... : 3.Create a Page ("CsvJdbcFile.jsp") to export data into  CSV
saving data in xml
saving data in xml  Hi, I have an xml file with spring map, in that i have parent child nodes. I have jsp form in that i have put same parent child elements. when i submit jsp form I want to append same data into xml file
export java to excel - Java Beginners
export java to excel  How do you export java to excel?  You mean to say accessing Microsoft files in java? Then you can go for Apache POI. Its an API to access MS-Office files.Try using it. - Ramesh A.V
Use of Core XML tags in JSP
Use of Core XML tags in JSP   ... use of Core XML tag in JSP JSTL (JSP standard tag library) XML tag can.../msg08807.html This example illustrates use of XML core tags into a JSP file
xml configuration file - JDBC
xml configuration file  Hi, Could you please tell me how to write a xml configuration file . We have mysql database in some other system. I have... to create a xml file. Please help me out. Thank you  Hi Friend, Try
Delete and edit data in xml file using JSP
Delete and edit data in xml file using JSP   I want to know how to delete and edit data from an XML file by use of JSP. I have XML file having tasks... in the xml file,I want to delete and edit some tasks using task id then how can i do
Converting XML to string
Converting XML to string  Hi Friends, I had an requirement in which a java program receives an xml messages from external web application such as (jsp, php) and then it converts the received xml message into a string. could