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How to export grid into excel
How to export grid into excel  Hi, i created a grid panel i have to export it to the excel. please help me by some sample code. thanks in advance. cool day dude
DOM  Hi... I created an xml file through java by using DOM... downloadaction...for this But it didn't worked.. Its jus viewing the xml file... in advance  Hi Friend, Do you want the code in jsp or in java? Please
web.xml - XML
.. ---- The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please...; Hi friend, Servlet and JSP Examples. Servlet and JSP Examples n
project in JSP and XML(to store data)
project in JSP and XML(to store data)  I need to complete an assignment in JSP and using XML as Database ,Please help me to complete... of JSP Web Application demonstrating web technology concepts? Create n
Reading a xml file - JSP-Servlet
Reading a xml file  Thanks for ur answer sir but problem is that i have to do a reading a xml file of a employee record and then i have to use a employee details to send mail to those employees how to do i sir please help me
Export System Preferences
Export System Preferences node     ...:\anshu>java SavePrefs <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8.../preferences.dtd"> <preferences EXTERNAL_XML_VERSION="1.0"> <root
What is XML?
is not a replacement of HTML. XML can used in server-side program such as JSP...What is XML? In the first section of XML tutorials we will learn the basics of XML and then write our first xml document. After completing this section
how to read this xml file - XML
how to read this xml file  i want to read this xml file using java(using struts2 or using jsp) and i want result as name=admin menu=user... read i have tried lot more , but i am not able to read this xml file
sql/xml query in jsp - JSP-Servlet
sql/xml query in jsp  Sir Here is my code which is not working Testing JSP select id from "SYSTEM..." name:PROFILE columns:id (bigint) and INFO (xml) data stored:id=1 and info=nitin
How to access the Title tag from xml to jsp
How to access the Title tag from xml to jsp  How to access the Title tag from xml to jsp   Please visit the following link: http... that will read an xml file and display the data into jsp file