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XML - JSP-Servlet
XML  How to read XML of a website to display that data in our JSP page. Send me any sample code.  Hi friend, For solving the problem visit to : Thanks
XML base64 ecoding - XML
XML base64 ecoding  Hello..I have this code which is in the JSP page and generates XML... I want this to have base64 encoding.. I have no idea how to do that..can anyone help me thanks %out.print
xml parsing - XML
xml parsing  Hi i want to parse the xml document which contains US en... how can i do this?   Hi friend, Parsing The XML File using DOM parser in JSP visit to :
export instance sql
export instance sql  How to export instance in sql
XML - JSP-Servlet
XML  Hello have a nice time, how to write an web.xml which can access both jsp page and servlet file can you explain with example.. thanking you.   Hi Friend, Do you want the web.xml file? Please clarify
Export html data to excel
Export html data to excel  I am trying to export data from an html page to an excel sheet.Any advise
Reading a xml file - JSP-Servlet
Reading a xml file  how to read a xml file using jsp and then i have to retrive a data from that file use it in code?  Hi Friend, Please visit the following link:
How to download web page table data, export the table records in an excel file and save
How to download web page table data, export the table records in an excel file and save  i have a web page(.jsp) which contains the table of 4 to 5 columns. i m displaying the table using in my jsp page. below this table i want
write xml file with jsp useBean - JSP-Servlet
write xml file with jsp useBean  how to write into xml files with jsp... allows our application to obtain a Java XML parser. DocumentBuilderFactory... an org.w3c.dom.Document from XML. Save the xml file at bin file of C:\apache-tomat-5.5.23\bin
sql/xml query in jsp - JSP-Servlet
sql/xml query in jsp  Sir I am coding in jsp and trying to retrieve xml data from db2 using sql/xml query in jsp but getting no result. When running jsp file in browser the output