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how to create month wise serial number in java?
how to create month wise serial number in java?  Ex: For 1)January-serial number is 1/001,1/002,1/003 etc
Java Number Format
Java Number Format      ... the format of the number. In java this is achieved by the java.text.NumberFormat class. NumberFormat is the abstract base class for all number formats
Java Automorphic number program - Java Beginners
Java Automorphic number program  Write a program to read a positive... void main(String args[]){ System.out.print("Enter any number...){ if ((n*n) % d == n){ System.out.println("Automorphic Number
java programing
java programing  reverse a multidigit number using recursive definition
Prime Number in Java
Prime Number in Java In this Java tutorial , you will learn how to write a Java program to get prime numbers between 1 to the desired number. To start... prime number. ADS4ThUnitADS Here is the code of the java Program to get prime
Prime number program in java
Prime number program in java In this example you will learn how to write a program to generate and check  prime number  in java. As we know prime number are those number which are divisible by 1 or itself, first define
Check Perfect Number in Java Program
How to Check Perfect Number in Java Program A perfect number is a positive... to the number itself. For example 6 is a perfect number as 1,2 and3 are its divisors... the number from the user and reports whether it is perfect or not. Here
Reverse string in BlueJ
Reverse string in BlueJ  wap that user enter a string and one word. so i want that program search word in string entered by user if word exist in string than reverse only that word and give output. e.g This is a flower (string
Convert Number to Binary
Convert Number to Binary       In this section, you will learn to convert a number to a binary (0,1). The given number is a decimal format and the following program to calculate its
Reverse integer array program
Reverse integer array program  Been tasked with the following... with all the elements in reverse order. For example, if the input array is [2, 4, 6, 8.... I have this so far: public static int [] reverse (int a[]){ for ( int