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prime number - Java Beginners
prime number  this project is to determine if a phone number is a prime number. if the number is a prime number then print a message to the effect. if the number is not a prime number then print the prime factors of the number
add number - Java Beginners
add number  Q. write a programe to add three number. The number input... input=new Scanner(; System.out.println("Enter first number"); int a=input.nextInt(); System.out.println("Enter second number"); int b
Number Convert - Java Beginners
Number Convert  Dear Deepak Sir, I am entered in Command prompt... passString(int number){ int num, q ; if (number < 10 ){ displayOutput(a[number]) ; } if (number > 9 && number < 20 ){ displayOutput(c[number-10
reverse the charstring
reverse the charstring  how to reverse any character of the string
Java reverse string without using inbuilt functions
Java reverse string without using inbuilt functions In this tutorial, you will learn how to reverse string without using any inbuilt functions. Here, we have created a method to reverse the string and returns a new string with reverse
perfect number - Java Beginners
perfect number  An integer number is said to be a perfect number.... For example, 6 is a perfect number because 6 = 1+2+3. Write a method perfect that determines if parameter number is a perfect number. Use this method
Magic number in java
Magic number in java  Hi.. Can any one tel how to watch a magic number of a program?   import java.util.*; class MagicNumber...); System.out.print("Enter the number: "); int num =input.nextInt(); int b=0,x
number of stairs - Java Beginners
number of stairs  1. Write a program that prints an n-level stair case made of text. The user should choose the text character and the number...(); } } } ----------------------------------- read for more information,
prime number - Java Beginners
prime number  i want to write a code in java that picks prime numbers... boolean isPrime(int number){ boolean isPrime=false; int i=(int) Math.ceil(Math.sqrt(number)); while (i>1
GUESS NUMBER - Java Beginners
GUESS NUMBER  Create a guessing game that picks a random number...() { super("Guess Number"); randomNumber = new Random().nextInt(100) + 1...); panelBottom.add(comment, BorderLayout.SOUTH); panel.add(new JLabel(" Guess a number from