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Java  I am new to java and want to make an simple web application where user can see exel file from my system by jsp, am using jdk, netbeans, tomcat and mysql server
dout - Java Beginners
dout  where to down load jdk latest vesion  Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Thanks
exception - IDE Questions
:Tomcat JDK name
installation problem - IDE Questions
installation problem  A configuratio error occured during startup.please verify the performance field with the prompt:Tomcat JDK name This is error i s coming while running project in myeclipse
What is the latest version of Java?
What is the latest version of Java?  Hi, What is the latest version of java as of now? Thanks   Hi, the latest version of Java is JDK 1.8. or simply Java 8. thanks
heat transfer
heat transfer  A rectangular plate of size 1 m x 1.5 m has its three sides maintained at 10 ?°C and the forth side maintained at 110 ?°C. Find out the steady state temperature distribution of the plate for a 20x30 mesh
Javac -source
successfully? a. Javac -source 1.4 b. Javac -source 1.5 c
Foundation Framework
. The Foundation Plugin requires: Java 1.5 Eclipse SDK 3.1.1 For more
Scala Plugin
The Scala Plugin requires: version 1.5 or newer of the Java Runtime
credit card problem - Java Beginners
credit card problem  Say that you owe the credit card company $1000.00. The company charges you 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance. You have decided to stop using the card and to pay off the debt by making a monthly payment