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Maven Dependency scalajack_2.10 >> 1.5

Maven Dependency java-8-matchers >> 1.5

Maven Dependency DataStorage >> 1.5

Maven Dependency common >> 1.5

Maven Dependency playorm >> 1.5

Maven Dependency appthwack >> 1.5

Maven Dependency jcommander >> 1.5

Creating Menu - MobileApplications
Creating Menu  Hi all, I am developing an application for nokia mobiles and other java enabled phones. I have downloaded the NetBeans IDE and JDK 1.5 with Wireless toolkit and was able to create a simple application
Struts 2.0- Deployment - Struts
Struts 2.0- Deployment  Exception starting filter struts2 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.FilterDispatcher JDK 1.5 Tomcat 6.0  Hi friend, Check your config of Web.xml
Java Security
and packages in JDK, with code examples. Many of the concepts and technical terms thus... of these packages were not available within the JDK and had to be separately installed and used. But, JDK1.4 has incorporated all these within JDK itself