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Artifacts of open-esb
List of Artifacts of open-esb maven depenency
Version of open-esb>jbi dependency

Maven Dependency jbi >> 1.1
You should include the dependency code given in this page to add Maven Dependency of open-esb >> jbi version1.1 in your project
webservice - WebSevices
webservice  how to call axis webservice from mule (esb
MULE  Can someone help to post a simple Mule ESB example ? And how it works
IBM Websphere MQ - Java Beginners
IBM Websphere MQ  Hi, Integration of WebSphere MQ with WPS and ESB . I need the document for the flow diagram and how to make it .... Regards, Valarmathi
Cape Clear Orchestrator
integrated with the Cape Clear ESB     For more
JBoss Seam - Web 2.0 Applications
easy integration with the JBoss Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Java Business
Open Source Metaverses
.      The Metaverse ESB You make many.... You point out that ESB's should provide all the capabilities offered by EAI technologies, and many they lack. You point out that ESB's should provide the core
Java EE 5
Application Platform SDK includes additional features such as Open ESB, Portlet Container