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TTCCLayout in Log4j

In this part of Log4j tutorial we are going to discuss about the TTCCLayout which is extending DateLayout

TTCCLayout in Log4j


In this part of Log4j tutorial we are going to discuss about the TTCCLayout which is extending DateLayout. It is another layout format for representing log events output.

It consists of following in its output log event: 

  • time
  • thread
  • category (Level)
  • nested diagnostic context information
  • name (output message)

For example in our output as "16 [main] INFO TTCCLayoutExample.class - First Log".

Note : One of the most important thing while using TTCCLayout is that "You should not use same TTCCLayout instance from the different appenders because it is not fully thread safe.

Here is the example code of TTCCLayoutExample file :

import org.apache.log4j.*;

public class TTCCLayoutExample {
  static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("TTCCLayoutExample.class");
  public static void main(String[] args) {
  FileAppender fileappender = 
FileAppender(new TTCCLayout(),"TTCCoutput.txt");
  logger.addAppender(fileappender);"First Log");"Second Log");"Third Log");"Fourth Log");"See your TTCCoutput.txt");"Exiting from the Main method  ");
  }catch(Exception e){


After compiling and executing you will have following output in  your TTCCoutput.txt file.

16 [main] INFO TTCCLayoutExample.class - First Log
16 [main] INFO TTCCLayoutExample.class - Second Log
16 [main] INFO TTCCLayoutExample.class - Third Log
16 [main] INFO TTCCLayoutExample.class - Fourth Log
16 [main] INFO TTCCLayoutExample.class - See your TTCCoutput.txt
16 [main] INFO TTCCLayoutExample.class - Exiting from the Main method

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May 28, 2012
Time stamp

There is no example how the time stamp can be used. Can the time stamp be used only in the beggining of the log message or it can be embedded in the middle of it?