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java.lang.String.valueOf(double dnum)  
The valueof(double dnum), is the Java String Class method, which creats and holds the double value in String..

java.lang.String.valueOf(long lnum)  
The given example will discuss about valueOf(long lnum) method of Java String class..

java.lang.String.valueOf(int inum)  
The valueOf(int inum) method in Java used for converting int value into string..

java.lang.String.valueOf(boolean bool)  
The given example shows how to convert the boolen value into string..

In the example, we are going to show you how to implement the replaceFirst() method in Java application..

The split() method in Java is used to split the given string followed by regular expression in Java..

the replace() method of Java String Class..

getChars() method in Java.

java.lang.String.endsWith(String str)  
endsWith() method is a string class method in Java..

String class method - startsWith() .

Given is a simple example on equalsIgnoreCase() method in Java.