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Creating Menu using GWT

This example describes the Basics for building the Menu using GWT.

Creating Menu using GWT


This example describes the Basics for building the Menu using GWT. The steps involved in Building the Menu Structure are described below:-

final Label label = new Label("Move the cursor over the Menu item")
Here we are declaring label. Label is a widget that contains text.

Command cmd = new Command()
Command is an interface that encapsulates an action for execution. This Interface can be often implemented with an anonymous inner class.

Window.alert("Menu item have been selected")
This is an alert whenever an Menu item is selected.

Menu Bar File = new MenuBar(true)
Creating a Menu bar named File. A Menu bar can contain any number of items.

This is a method for adding item to the Menubar.Here we are adding New to the Menu bar named File

package org.yournamehere.client;

public class MenuBarex implements EntryPoint{

 public void onModuleLoad() {
 final Label label = new Label("Move the cursor over the Menuitem");
 final Label label1 = new Label("");
 Command cmd = new Command() {
  public void execute() {
  Window.alert("Menu item have been selected");
  MenuBar File = new MenuBar(true);

  MenuBar Edit = new MenuBar(true);
  Edit.addItem("Undo", cmd);
  Edit.addItem("Redo", cmd);
  Edit.addItem("Cut", cmd);
  Edit.addItem("Copy", cmd);

  MenuBar Format = new MenuBar(true);
  Format.addItem("Word wrap", cmd);
  Format.addItem("Font", cmd);
  MenuBar menu = new MenuBar();
  menu.addItem("File", File);
  menu.addItem("Edit", Edit);
  menu.addItem("Format", Format);


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <inherits name=""/>
  <entry-point class="org.yournamehere.client.MenuBarex"/>

Output of the program

Download source code



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Posted on: October 6, 2008

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October 29, 2012

u r did a great job like simple techniques..thans a lot