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Creating Table in Echo3


Table is a way to present data into the tabular format. You can also create tables in Echo3 by using the class Table, provided in the nextapp.echo.app package. There are four constructors provided for creating a table in Echo3 as given below:

  • Table() default constructor, will create a new Table with an empty DefaultTableModel
  • Table(int columns, int rows) will creates a new Table with a new DefaultTableModel with the specified rows and columns
  • Table(TableModel model) will creates a new Table using the provided TableModel
  •  Table(TableModel model, TableColumnModel columnModel) creates a new Table with the provided TableModel and the specified TableColumnModel.

In this example of creating Table in Echo3 we have created a simple application into which the Table with the DefaultTableModel will be added to the window pane when the user clicks on the button "Add Table".


package table;

import nextapp.echo.app.ApplicationInstance;
import nextapp.echo.webcontainer.WebContainerServlet;

public class TableServlet extends WebContainerServlet {

    public ApplicationInstance newApplicationInstance() {
        return new TableApp();


package table;

import nextapp.echo.app.ApplicationInstance;
import nextapp.echo.app.ContentPane;
import nextapp.echo.app.Label;
import nextapp.echo.app.Window;
import nextapp.echo.app.*;

import nextapp.echo.app.event.ActionListener;
import nextapp.echo.app.event.ActionEvent;

public class TableApp extends ApplicationInstance {
    private Table table;
    private ContentPane contentPane;
    private WindowPane windowPane;

    public Window init() {
        Window window = new Window();
    window.setTitle("Creating Table");
    table=new Table(4,4);
    table.setBorder(new Border(2,Color.BLUE,Border.STYLE_SOLID));
    contentPane = new ContentPane();
    windowPane = new WindowPane();
         Button add=new Button("Add Table ");
    add.setBorder(new Border(2,Color.BLUE,Border.STYLE_SOLID));
    add.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
         windowPane.setTitle("Table Example");
        return window;

One more important thing to do is the mapping of TableServlet in the deployment descriptor web.xml as given below:

<!DOCTYPE web-app 
PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN" 






To run this application download source code and deploy it into the Web Server (e.g Tomcat Server) and type the following URL into the address bar as http://localhost:8080/echo3/app/table

Click on "Add Table" button.

Download Project Source Code


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