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I am sandep, got trained in Advanced Java i want to design a web site to my college and currently my half of the project is completed i want to introduce a advanced feature in web site i.e i made a search box as soon as a student enters his i want to get the data from database and present it on the html screen the problem where i get is for the marks sake the headers such as name email id or constant but comming to subjects it differes by branch actually i created a seperate page for each branch so my html pages are really more 4branches and 4 years its almost 16 pages and another problem if the student is detained he moves to lower class but the is constant which is given by university and it searchs in another table and the database we are using is ms -access as the college staff dont know to operate oracle i am just a fresher plz guide me in detail to complete my project i was googling for more than a month plz plz do help ihave to complete my project by this month at any cost

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;%=contextPath%>/Conformation"; //"conformation" is for servelet mapping 

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between the database and servelet using java; } } } connection between the database and servelet using java script... between the database and servelet using java 


Building Web Application With Ant and Deploying on Jboss 3.0
*; /** * The Hello World Servelet. * * @author Deepak Kumar * http 



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