Help again pls!!!,
November 15, 2008 at 1:57 AM

hello again,

can you help me out in doing a java program using loops that will display 10 names in a column then display on the opposite of each name the number of characters.
then at the bottom will display the same entries of names but this time in two columns, 1st name on the 1st column and the 10th being the 1st on the 2nd column.

Name: No of Char
Norman 6
Dandi 5
Olga 4
Danilo 6
Orlando 7
Manny 5
Rosalinda 9
Armand 6
George 6
Obama 5

Norman Obama
Dandi George
Olga Armand
Danilo Rosalinda
Orlando Manny

Thank you in advance.

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