Take a look at: OGE - Open Game Engine (on sour,
January 4, 2007 at 3:44 PM

Take a look at:

OGE - Open Game Engine (on sourceforge)

An object-oriented Game Engine. It abstracts the differences between platforms and allows level/scene coding through script/XML files. Subsystems based on open source libraries. Adaptable to multiple game genres (fps, space shooter, indoor, outdoor, ...)

* Operating System: MinGW/MSYS (MS Windows), 32-bit MS Windows (NT/2000/XP), OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms), Linux
* Developers : 4
* Development Status : 2 - Pre-Alpha
* Language: C++
* License: Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Other/Proprietary License
* Category: Games/Entertainment, Frameworks (Manage Feedback)

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