August 29, 2007 at 9:43 PM

Dear Sir,
Recently I have a reseller account and under me, I have with 2 sub-reseller total 22 domain. But I need to move that all in an affordable & reliable server.
So I must need …..
1. Minimum 70GB web space.
2. Unlimited domain, bandwidth, email, database (mssql, mysql, access with unlimited space), database manager, site & server protection, private lable billing management, Private Label Customer & Billing Support, Search Engine Submission for every site under me, chat support etc.
3. Also need asp, .net, php, jsp etc support,
4. Should I create (sub) reseller account (private label).
5. This is not must but if I create ‘VPS’ under me. That’s better.
6. 99% uptime guarantee.
7. Need to know how many web-sites are hosted with your server.
8. Separate (private) control panel for my every sub-reseller, clients and normal single site user. Or Virtual Control Panel management.

1. On your which plan I can get everything, which I am mention above?
2. How much yearly cost is required for that?

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