After using the same PIM since DOS days (InfoSelec,
December 14, 2006 at 2:02 PM

After using the same PIM since DOS days (InfoSelect) I finally switched to using a personal wiki (TiddlyWiki).

If you prefer free form PIM management, consider ditching your dedicated PIM software and go with a personal wiki.

Wikis were designed to easily organize information and I've found this works for personal information as well as encylopedic.

Of course it doesn't do email but I have Thunderbird for that (and I'd rather not switch, anyway.)

TiddlyWiki also doesn't have sophisticated calendering but I'm happy with Yahoo Calendar and have no desire to switch from that, either.

So, all I really need is an easy way to keep facts (address, to do, telephone notes, etc) and a wiki is a great way to do it.

Perhaps the greatest feature of a personal wiki is that it uses your browser. This is incredibly convenient for me because I already have it open, anyway. If you are a web-based email person it's all-the-better.

Tiddlywiki can easily ride-around on your thumbdrive and be run by the web browser, even on borrowed computer. Nice!
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