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Java Script Code of Calendar and Date Picker or Popup Calendar



Very Nice Javascript Calender Code.
Hi I like very much this calnder code.My own opinion is that everybody must use this code 

Very Nice
its a great work for any user of Calendar on page.. kudos to the coder..gud work.  

Simple and effective calendar
This is a cool calendar , It would be more effective if i9t could highlight the current date.Thanks ! 

Displays current date as well ,..
Sorry for the previous post .. this displays current date as well ..great :) 

Small doubt on this code..
Thanks for roseinda people,..its very use fulled calendar code, But one thing that why its showing year as maximum of 2008 only? if i want till 2020 means what i have to do reply me Thanks kalyan 

wonderful code
this is really wonderful code and is very easy to use thanks 

Regarding calendar
This is really good expiriance for me. 

Datepicker calendar
I like it very much, but I would like to pick between dates, eg. start and end dates. Cna you inform me how it could be done? 

Calendar control code
Hi guys the code is very short and works fine. this is a great work doen by roseindia to guide students and begginers like me. thankyou very much 

brilliant! works perfect up and running on my site within the hour a big thanks poster/author 

Sir, please tell me that how to add these file's in project????????????? 

HI there, it is very nice script for inline calendar ...since its not a pop up it will not even be blocked by the browser... However if you place the calendar much below in the window(read form) ...every time the user clicks the calendar the s 

this is really awesome 

how to apply this calendar in both side? 

give different date picker code  

I have the same problem than JAHAJEE. any solution? 

This utility is very useful except as mentioned by Jahajee, everytime it goes to the top when we click on the calendar. To solve this, add the following line to showCalendar function of calendar.js file. event.returnValue=false; Best Regards,  

Good Job
Try to implement in Asp.Net with C# Language. Send me Feedback. 

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