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Struts DynaActionForm

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Very good tutorial ever found for struts. Thanks
Very good tutorial ever found for struts. Thanks for yor information. 

hi im trying to compile the AddressDynaAction c
hi im trying to compile the AddressDynaAction code in my system one error will be occur i.e AddressDynaAction.java:46: saveErrors(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest,org. apache.struts.action.ActionErrors) in org.apache.struts.action.Action 


Can we maintain more than one Message resource fil
Can we maintain more than one Message resource file(ApplicationResource.properties) in a web application.If Yes How? If No Why? 

Its a very good example and very simple to underst
Its a very good example and very simple to understand. 

Ravi: If you are using Struts 1.1 you should repl
Ravi: If you are using Struts 1.1 you should replace the above code with the following //Create object of ActionMesssages ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors(); //Check and collect errors if(((String)addressForm.get("name")).equals("")) 

I had a doubt regarding in getting Date value from
I had a doubt regarding in getting Date value from the Dynaform and assigning it to the database by convert it into required format 

ya It is really a good example.
ya It is really a good example. 

In dynaActionfrom only suports String only, or ca
In dynaActionfrom only suports String only, or can we use other like Integer and Collections like arraylist  

Thank u for ur feed back in struts framework appli
Thank u for ur feed back in struts framework application. Pls tell me about the eclipse . How to use the eclipse for the java appliations. If any tutorials for learning the eclipse pls inform me thanking u 

Hi, I am facing a problem in retrieving a jsp usin
Hi, I am facing a problem in retrieving a jsp using struts framework. I am getting the error "Form bean not specified on mapping for action: "/SetNewPassword". struts config is as below: ======================================= <?xml version="1.0" 

Cannot retrieve definition for form bean DynaAddre
Cannot retrieve definition for form bean DynaAddressForm I am getting this error message while running this example .Kindly help this poor soul 

hi, it's really good stuff, that is no worry about
hi, it's really good stuff, that is no worry about form bean and properties dynamically to code.Its working and it is so simple 

Hi, Download it from [url=http://www.roseindia.
Hi, Download it from [url=http://www.roseindia.net/struts/strutstutorial.zip]Download the code[/url] Deepak 

Excellent MR Ramaswamy articles are fentastic
Excellent MR Ramaswamy articles are fentastic 

This works great, if one knows the number of field
This works great, if one knows the number of fields that will be displayed on the form. How would one code for a variable number of field and their values being retrieved from a DB.?? Particularly if one is trying to validate the values once a user 

Hello I am not able to display error messages in
Hello I am not able to display error messages in the DynaAddress.jsp Errors are getting added to errors object in AddressDynaAction.java file since errors.size is 3 But not getting displayed in jsp. I tried the alternative solution provided by Mr 

plz. provede the war filr for the examples.
plz. provede the war filr for the examples.  

Not able to display errors
Hi, Im not able to print error messages.. everything else is working fine... plzz help me... 

tell me about dynavalidations
every thing fine in my logoin form that contains name,adderss,email,and my bean class contain setrs and geters,reset().i have done my action class. modifiy the strtus cinfig.xml my application did not work plz help me 

Where Should the form validation done?
I the above example the form validation is done in Action class, which is incorrect, can I declare form validation in struts-config.xml Please reply 

why do we declare form type="java.lang.string"
Hello can any body tell me why we declare form type="java.lang.string (or) java.lang.Integer in struts-config.xml for struts DynaActionForm Please tell me .Its urgent 

Is struts Action class singleton or not
Please tell me whether struts Action Class class is singleton or not. 

nice tutorials
starters always go through this materials. 

I think action classes are not singletone classes. only actionservlet(all serlets) is the singletone class 

networking information
i need a source code in java how to restrict the user to access some website urgently.please help me 

Want more explination abt valiation
This validation form is not enough to learn differences like actionform,dynaactionform,vlidatrorform and dynavalidator from please give much more discription about this 

hii, I want codes of a demo struts project to know struts briefly.Plz help me.It's urgent 

IT is reaaly really good stuff. very much useful to learn, simple, easy to understand. 

plese tell me
what are the disadvatages using dyan validator? 

problem in getting value in struts action class
hi, I am facing problem while i m retrieving value of select box defined using html select tag. 2nd, I am setting the arraylist object using request object's setAttribute() method,but i unable to retrive that value in struts action class through 

no protocol: forms/dyna-action-forms.xml
when the project is compiled on another system is going fine.While i am compiling on my system I am getting "no protocol: forms/dyna-action-forms.xml".this happened when i trying to use application resources in struts. 

are u using strutsdyna actin 

DynaActionForm Validator
Is it possible to use validator plugIn with DynaActinForm in struts? If yes, can any body provide example for that? I tried but didn't succeeded. 

This information provided by you is very useful. and you keep on updadting these technologies. 

regarding dyna action form
all the examples are worth learning. In DynaActionForm is there any internal method called saveErrors(HttpServletRequest, ActionMessages). If Not please, in Struts DynaActionForm section explain saveErrors method in action class AddressDynaAction. 

Action Form
which one is better Action Form or Dyna Action  

Struts DynaActionForm
Very Nice Example !!! 

i facing this error
The method saveErrors(HttpServletRequest, ActionErrors) in the type Action is not applicable for the arguments (HttpServletRequest, ActionMessages) in action class execute method when i placed the above code it is giving me the above error. ple 

Class AddressDynaAction has one error
The error massage is: saveErrors(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest,org.apache.struts.action.ActionErrors) in org.apache.struts.action.Action cannot be applied to (javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest,org.apache.struts.action.ActionMessages)  

Struts Action Singletone
Struts Action Class is Singleton Class.Becoz of Action classes are singleton classes that are instantiated once per class type per JVM,and all requests for a specification are routed through the same action class instance. 

Struts Actions follows singleton pattern to have a thread safe for accessing shared resources. 

To gopikrishna
To gopikrishna Try this, ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors(); saveErrors(request, (ActionMessages)errors.get());  

Very Useful 

package prj; import java.io.*; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import org.apache.struts.actions.DispatchAction; import org.apache.struts.action. 

Cannot retrieve definition for form bean
Hi, Thanks for the above example.. I got an exception while trying to execute this code in tomcat. javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot retrieve definition for form bean dynaCustomerForm on action /AddDynaCustomerAction.do  

Struts DynaActionForm
The mapping and FormBean Part is clear. But the real question is how to view the Dynamic Bean in a JSP page using JSTL 1.2.*? 

why this error
Hello Thank you for this short and good sample. But why do I have this error : org.apache.jasper.JasperException: An exception occurred processing JSP page /vues/formulaire.personne.jsp at line 41 38: <table> 39: <tr> 40:  

no output
where is the output for the above code? 

Possible with dynamic form field
Hi, I would like to do this with dynamic form field, where user can press a [+] and then adding new fields to the form. I am trying to rewrite the form-bean with type java.util.List and then define the form in the jsp as variable[0], varibale[ 

Getting Exception at action path
Hi, I hav done the project as directed,but while clicking on the link on the index.jsp page to move to DynaAddress.jsp, i am getting an exception that the path /DynaAddress could not be retrieved.It has no definition. Plz help me if anything is wr 

Important comment
now it is become a waste site new features are not at all good to search... 

error in program
your path is success.jsp,where is created in success.jsp, pls tell me.. <forward name="success" path="/pages/success.jsp"/> <forward name="invalid" path="/pages/DynaAddress.jsp" /> 

Dynaactin form
It's very nice and simple example 

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