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Dojo Auto completer

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is it possible to do for the text box(autocomplete
Hello, Very good and so helpful tutorial. Is it possible to do the same(autocompleter) with textbox instead of combobox. Please let me know the changes required 

Textbox auto complete
How to create the custom widget for textbox auto completion in dojo. Now we are having combo box auto suggestion, like same way I need for textbox. 

auto complete not working.
auto complete code is not working on my machine.i pasted above code as it is.plz reply soon. thnks. 

cant find dojo.xd.js
i cant find the dojo.xd.js file ? 

please help
Can't see the auto complete box using dojo 1.3.1. Anyone can share how to enable the autocomplete box ? 

where can i find the included file "dojo.xd.js" 

question re DOJO
what is this code for? djConfig="parseOnLoad: true" in <script> tag? you need to explain, please.. (this is a tutorial, no?...;)  

css files for this example
where are the .css files? this and this took me a 404.. why don't you provide all files for download in a .zip? 

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