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Install Dojo

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install Dojo
I want to install Dojo  

dojo toolkit

I don't see how the installation is done in this article at all. I use Tomcat as the server. The document from Dojo's site doesn't tell how to install it in tomcat at all and the html page isn't in the folder mentioned in their instruction either. Is 

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Dojo  how the Dojo works   Hello Friend, Please visit the following link: Dojo Tutorials Thanks 

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Dojo   I have a text box built in dojo and i am unable to select the contents of this text box in IE. In mozilla it works fine.Please suggest 

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dojo  can u plz send a small web app demo illustrating dojo usage in java?? i mean i want to know how can we read values from dojo controls in servlets/ jsp's..? how can we use dojo controls in jsp as view in web mvc? Regards 

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