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je travaille avec netbeans 6.8, quand je fais une copies de code il ne connait pas <%= header%> . 

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Header Tag:       bean:header Tag.... Here you will learn to use the Struts Html  bean:header tags.  We... request header. This tag retrieve the value of the specified request header (may 

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struts1  i m using struts1.3,hibernate3.1,eclipse3.1 i m configuring struts with hibernate. but in struts.config.xml when i add strutsconfig.xml doesnt support this plugin tag. hw i solve this issue thnx 

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Bean Tag (Data Tag) Example       In this section, we are going to describe the Bean Tag. The Bean tag is a generic tag... specification. This tag has a body which can contain a number of Param elements to set any 

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Example of struts2.2.1 bean tag. In this tutorial, you will see the use of bean tag of struts2.2.1 tag. The Bean tag is a generic tag that is used...;/head> <body> <h1>Example of bean tag.....</h1> < 

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Struts Tag:       bean:struts Tag -is used to create a new bean containing one of the standard Struts framework... of the Struts<bean:struts> tag. Here you will learn to use the Struts Html< 

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: resource> tag. Here you will learn to use the Struts Html  <bean...;struts-bean:resource Tag   </font>   </h2>  ...Resource Tag:       bean: resource Tag 

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