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Hello How will i get programming knoledge 

please send me some notes on struts. which book is better as a beginner for struts. 

How can I declare property as variable element?
Hello everybody, I would like to set the 'property' attribute with a variable element. Ex: * this works well (but hard coded) <bean:define id="blocAR6" name="hmp" property="TDV136" /> * I would like to use a retrievd from bean value as 'property 

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sturts  I m new 2 struts..i have made a calculate.jsp with num1 and num2 property.Then created FormBean for them with getter setter methods.And... execute method of action class to .jsp page. I have tried bean:write bt value 

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Define Tag:
Define Tag:       bean:define Tag - is used to define a scripting variable based on the value(s) of the specified bean... as null. bean:define Tag can't be used  to instantiate a DynaActionForm 

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struts1  i m using struts1.3,hibernate3.1,eclipse3.1 i m configuring struts with hibernate. but in struts.config.xml when i add strutsconfig.xml doesnt support this plugin tag. hw i solve this issue thnx 

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Struts Tag:
Struts Tag:       bean:struts Tag -is used to create a new bean containing one of the standard Struts framework... of the Struts<bean:struts> tag. Here you will learn to use the Struts Html< 

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of design problem of struts1 framework that has been resolved in the struts 2.... Better Tag features - Struts 2 tags enables to add style sheet-driven.... Struts 2 tags are more capable and result oriented. Struts 2 tag markup can 

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autocall for sturts action class  Hi All, We are developing a web application with struts frame work. In this project I have to call an action... config /WEB-INF/struts-config.xml 

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will learn to use the Struts Html <bean:parameter>tag.  We will cover...Parameter Tag:       bean:parameter Tag -is used to define a scripting variable based on the value(s 

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Header Tag:       bean:header Tag... Illustrating the use of the Header<bean:header> tag. Here you will learn to use the Struts Html  bean:header tags.  We 

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Cookie Tag:
Cookie Tag:       bean:cookie Tag - is used to define scripting variable based on the value(s) of the specified request...;uri="http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/tags-bean" prefix="bean 

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