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Good However...!
Its works fine for submitting the data from UI to server... suppose if the data comes from the server.. how will you make sure that it will work.. what I mean is.. suppose if a response is coming from server how will you show that box is select 

multibox tag explaination needed
any one pls explain the html multibox tag 

Hi it very useful for all  

struts logic redirect
hello Can I get an useful exampel of struts logic redirect? I will appreciate it. Thanks Remy 

How can i make the checkbox checked by default.
Hi, How can i make the checkbox checked by default. I write like this <html:checkbox property="someName" value="False"> It is appears as checked but it is sending false to request. if i kept the "True" it is not checked. Else we have t 

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:checkbox > tag : Here you will learn to use the Struts Html <html:checkbox...Checkbox Tag <html:checkbox>:       html: checkbox Tag -  is used to create a  Checkbox Input 

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Checkbox Tag (Form Tag) Example       In this section, we are going to describe the checkbox tag. The checkbox tag is a UI tag that is used to render an HTML input element of type checkbox 

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