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Multiplication of two Matrix

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Where do you go during the summer vacation?
Where do you go during the summer vacation? I go to Barcelona. Who goes to Barcelona yet? 

very interesting
what about multiply square matrix?is it less complicatet I think,isnt it?Anyway thanx I found this very helpful 

matrix multiplication
This program was very easy to understand and can work for the any other kind of programs like this type of methods. 

very super
this type of website very useful for us. thank you  

easy to understand and very much useful for beginers. thank you 

this is what we want
/** * Multiply two matrices. * Only defined for int: TODO: rewrite using 1.5 Generics to add * support for long, float, and double. * @author Ian F. Darwin, * @version $Id:,v 1.4 2004/03/07 02:53:53 ian Exp  

it's helpful for any type of program 

nice to understand the programs to the students. 

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