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How to calculate area of triangle


action script
hi sir i have to design a courseware in which i need to used lot of action script. someone recommended me to use flash will i be able to do it?  

very useful for me to learn about java. 

how to solve
Let me know how to solve this problem : to calculate the height & area of triangle (with 2 equal sides)  

About triangles
I want to know how can write a java program to calculate the area of a triangle when give degrees inside it. Another thing calculating when given no heights in the triangle. 

Hello there! this is usifull. please keep up! Thanks. 

I am java Biginner I think, In the constuctor need some bussiness logic. If I have a mistake, appoligise me. Because of, In a triangle, the addition of two side is latger than another one side. So, We should make some condition like that, widt 

area compute
i really dont understand the code giving in this site its easy but theres something on this code that make the readers crack there head...gosh can you make it clear?..hoping to change it as soon as posible!but anyway maybe this code can help me to an 

area of a triangle
import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class triangle extends Frame implements ActionListener{ private static final int xpos=150; private static final int ypos=150; private static final int length=300; private static final int width 

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