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jQuery Load Content

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Hello I want c# file, no need php file(textContent.php ). Thanking u Suresh.R 

tis code is beneficial 

Where is the testcontent.php file
function contentDisp() { $.ajax({ url : "textContent.php", success : function (data) { $("#contentArea").html(data); } }); } It has not mentioned the textContent.php file. when we make the test file where er should put the txt file. 

Really a great example, i like it.. keep it up... 

"jQuery Load Content" textContent.php step missing
In the above article, you forgot to mention textContent.php code definition?  

Not work correctly in IE
new line character not work/ All in on string  

how about the code for the php file?
It is not totally obvious what this php script needs to do, especially for a newbie. So why not include a sample script? 

Interaction Designer
can you show the code in textContent.php file as well? Without that I do not know how else to move further. And do I need to set up table in mysql too? Thanks in advance 

server side doesn't matter
server side you can use whatever, php, .net or j2ee. it's only the jquery doing nice stuff to call the server, and get the response and put into where you wanna show. 

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