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SQL Server Training

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I need SQL SERVER Turtorial
i need a help...plz send me the SQL SERVER...to my email id... 

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SQL Server
SQL Server  Hii, What is SQL Server ?   hello, SQL Server is a DBMS system provided by Microsoft 


SQL Server Training
SQL Server Training     Microsoft's product SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS.... This SQL Server training course will train you everything like installing SQL 

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sql server - SQL
sql server  what is SQL server? & what is oracle? are they same 

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how to connect SQL Server 2005 using php
how to connect SQL Server 2005 using php  i need to connect SQL Server 2005 using php. how can i connect . how to use mssql_connect function 

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sql server - SQL
sql server  How many no of tables can be joined in same sql server 

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SQL SERVER 2008  when i am fill the all fields in the form.but when i am retrive from the database it shows only firstname,age,address.remaining fields was shows as null.and it shows the gender as the on.i can't understand what 

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Database connection sql server 2005 - JDBC
Database connection sql server 2005  Hi all i am developing an application in struts and i need to connect database for that application using sql server 2005.. can anyone tell me how to make database connection ..plz help me 

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Sql Server - SQL
sql server trigger example  Can any one tell me the live example of triggers in SQL Server?   if u click pistal trigger ,it auotmatically shoot bullet it's like newtons 3rd law (every action s having an equal reaction 

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Sql Server 2008 with textbox
Sql Server 2008 with textbox  **Hi, I tried to insert into DB using... for user 'sa'] i tried to get a solution for this error this the code i used... myconn = New SqlConnection("server=localhost;" & "Initial Catalog=4 

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Java to SQL Server Connectivity
Java to SQL Server Connectivity  Hi, heres my code private void... with sql server connectivity at the background to save the data. Now, after entering the data in the fields, i get two "General Eroor". I don't know if i made 

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