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Developing User Registration Form


i wana a cod for login and registration form examp
i wana a cod for login and registration form examples that may help me to develop my mail server, so plz kindly send me the required information. 

To validate email format, I've had luck with the f
To validate email format, I've had luck with the following regular expression: /^\w+\@{1}\w+\.{1}\w+$/; 

HI friends iam beginer to Structs. I need a smal
HI friends iam beginer to Structs. I need a small structs application which consists of login page and registeration page(like online > student registration)using tomcat servler. also i need how to set the classpath and run the application. ple 

If property change on userRegister.jsp page
This example works fine . Thanks. But my question is : " What will happen if i Change property name in userRegister.jsp page " then its not work properly . 

What about error: Cant create bean with "dataSou"?
What is the error "Cant create bean with dataSource" .... i met during my application running? And when we extends the fields of the class login,for ex. group, position,... there are errors, about this following: no getter for method of property...  

Where the datas are storing
Luckly i got this code, but one thing i cont understand. where the user registration data's are storing 

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Communication Tube - Its a free web messenger chat client for the popular im: msn,Google Talk (GTalk),ICQ,irc. Communication Tube is compatible with all popular browsers.  

Unable to Register
I download the code and try to run I was not able to register user using the above code. It doesn't throw any errors when I click the save button. I created users manually in the database and was able to login. Looks like registration has some issues 

data entry
but i need registration form to fill directories 

this is cool i real tanx u can you do another code using php for creating registartion form for different people some are patients,nurses,stock,suppliers 

Nice Sample
It works fine for me... Thanks deepak.. But i have to configure my host to send mails. If that part also explained here it would be great.. Any way thanks lot 

code request
i am a beginner and i wanna you to please send me the code for user registration and update profile in PHP. thanks ;) 

java and networking
include the scree shorts 

registration form in html code
hi give me information of registration form in html code please send me information 

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