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How to retrieve URL information


How to retrieve network id of a Logged in user
I am planning to develop a standalone system which will automatically authenticate the user with the user's network id. I need these stuffs to be as java part because, while accessing the URL itself the authentication process will take place by query 

Network ID
HI Could you please let me know how can i retrieve network id using javascript? do you have any sample coe?  

Easily parse and edit a URL
In the above sample program, you may get information on other URL fields such as the anchor portion of the URL with getRef() method. Also, http://urlparser.com will show you the result of parsing any given URL similar to the above sample program.  

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How to retrieve URL information
How to retrieve URL information       Here we are going to explain a method for retrieve all... C:\roseindia>java URLDemo Protocal:http Port:-1 Host 

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