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Open Source EJB Servers written in Java



Ejb Transaction
I want apply ejb transaction in my project . I need sample source code so please send me as soon as possible. 

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Transaction Management
Transaction Management  How are transactions managed in EJB 

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ejb  Match the following. ejbFind() ejbStore() ejbPostCreate() ejbLoad a. reset transaction related parameters. b. not required for CMPs. c. update the database. d. utilities required to work with the data are performed 

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EJB  i want to know coding for providing fault-tolerance for EJB componenti.e., coding in EJB for transaction process(deposit and withdraw) using JDBC connection. please send me the code as soon as possible 

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EJB-MDB  What are the MDB transaction attributes 

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the transaction so I need to use the TransactionProxyFactoryBean. My question is that can I use the advice as well as the spring provided transaction in the same person bean as a AOP. I don't want to write the code for transaction, just want 


Distributed transaction in java
-small; text-decoration: underline; } Distributed Transaction in java EE In distributed java enterprise application, transaction is processed by Transaction Manager. Transaction manager is the primary component of distributed 

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struts opensource framework
struts opensource framework  i know how to struts flow ,but i want struts framework open source code 

Java Beginners

Java is an opensource program or not? why???
Java is an opensource program or not? why???  Java is an open source program or not.. why 

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use of ejb - EJB
use of ejb  what is the use of ejb??  Hi friend, Some points to be remember for using ejb : * Applications developed by using... beans support transaction to ensure the integrity of the database. Transaction 

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Use JTA to control transaction demarcation
Use JTA to control transaction demarcation Prev Chapter 5. EJB transactions Next    Use JTA to control transaction demarcation