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tree and treenode (Ajax Tag) tags Example



How to display checkboxes?
Hi, How can we display check boxes beside each and every node so that user can select those nodes. 

How to show struts2 Tree component expanded by def
Hello I'm trying to make dynamic tree in struts2 tag. Can you help me ? I want to know how to show struts2 Tree component expanded by default. Someguy said it is solved by using showRootGrid but I don't work. 

hi ,this is wonderful site to learn. thanks for providing.  

need more information
hello, I need some information on this example and if I cna make tree node in struts1 or not. if not please send me how to install struts2 and how to apply this example Best Regards 

Unable to create tree and treeNodes
Hi, I have created the code as specified above... But it is not getting created as shown in the diagram. Actually it gives me a blank page... It gives me Done with Errors. When I check errors, it says, 'dojo' is undefined. What does it me 

It dosn't work on browser
I have type a example of this component,but it cann't be showed on the browser !Dose it need some plugs for browser ?please eMail to me !thanks ! 

refresh the contents of a particular section
I want to click the treenode on the html page and to refresh the contents of a particular section of the same html page. How to do ?! Please help !! 

Tree component onclick event
Hi, I have followed your tutorial on Tree &Treenode of Struts2 Ajax libary. However, I am not able to get the onclick method work. Your healp is greatly appreciated. 

JTree Struts2
Hi i want to design JTree in struts. i used this example but i want to remove scroll bar. Please give me solution. 

tree and treenode (Ajax Tag) tags Example
Hello, I'm Balamurugan from chennai. I'm trying to run this program but cant do it. Can u give me the complete program to download. Please help me as soon as possible. I need to implement this concept in my project Thanks in advance. 

Hi, I have a problem when nodeTitleProperty is filled whith a string containing a "<" or ">", it seems the plugin interprets this as a start tag and don't render properly the string. For example, nodeTitleProperty="aaaaa<bbbb" will render "aaa" 

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