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Collection Interfaces

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yeh,i understand some concepts from this tutorial,really it is helpedme alot...... 

good work
its so easy fto understand concepts from here 

Server Issue
Hello rose india.. am using your site regularly. Some times your server is too slow...please check out your network team...  

regarding duplicate values
map and sorted map allows duplicate values but they donot allow duplicate values 

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Collection Interfaces     .... The following diagrams shows the framework of core collection interfaces hierarchy. Table of the ordered and unordered Collection interfaces shown 

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wt are the collections in java  plese send me the reply   Hi Friend, Java Collections API (Application Programming Interface) Consists of several interfaces, and classes within the java.util package. It provides tools 

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that consists the following collections:   Interfaces... of interfaces we  manipulate collections independently... of the collection interfaces. Algorithms: Algorithms are used 

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