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Setting Multi-Line label on the Button


good once
i prefer this tutorial always,i get more idea on programming ,excellent,to understand the requirement of the ,n well built programmes with output,if possible please provide me the tutorials on "struts",right from basic thanks 

Line breaks in buttons
button1 = new JButton("1"); button2 = new JButton("2ABC"); button3 = new JButton("3DEF"); button4 = new JButton("4GHI"); button5 = new JButton("5JKL"); button6 = new JButton("6MNO"); button7 = new JButton("7PQRS"); 

setMnemonic does not work in this case
the setMnemonic() does not seem to have effect on a label set tis way in a JButton. PLease help. 

swing gui in java
sample program of swing gui in java  

very helpfull
this was very helpful also i keep using ur website for all my programming needs 

it doesn't run when I try it? I will I do? this will appear in the cmd: java.lang.Error: Do not use javax.swing.JFrame.add() use javax.swing.JFrame.getContentPane().add() instead at javax.swing.JFrame.createRootPaneException(JFrame.java 

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