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How to import a package

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import classes from same package.
Can you tell me how to import two or more public classes from the same package using a single import statement. like import java.nisha.*; here in the java package i have nisha sub package in which all the classes are present and i want to import al 

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; System.out.print(classVariable); } } Package & import Java classes can be grouped together in packages. A package name is the same as the directory...Local Variable ,Package & import A local variable has a local scope.Such 


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How to import a package       There are two ways so that you can use the public classes stored in package. Declaring the fully-qualified class name. For example 

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; The import statement make available one or all the classes in a package... ambiguity when multiple package includes classes having same names. Use.... Java versions from J2SE 5.0 to upward can import the static members 


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, 20, 30); provided you import the class. Classes in the same...Java Import Statement Cleanup 2002-06-18 The Java Specialists' Newsletter [Issue 051] - Java Import Statement Cleanup Author: Dr. Cay S. Horstmann 

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to use them in an easier way. In the same manner, Java package is a group... Java Package       In a computer terminology, package is a collection of the related files in the same 


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related to package in java. http://www.roseindia.net/java/master-java/java... programming language, A package is group of related types of classes & interfaces...What is a package?  hi, What is a package? thanks   Hi 

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