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use of medini QVT as plugin in eclipse
I want to know how to use the plugin QVT in eclipse 3.0 or in eclipse ganymede modeling 3.4.2. I used an example in medini QVT alone (not as plugin). but i like to do things with java that's why i prefered to use it as plugin in eclipse but i didn't 

problem of import
i'm a beginer in medini QVT and eclipse. i tried a project in medini QVT and i run its transformation. Now I want to use medini QVT in eclipse. I found the code in UsingMediniQVTFromApplicationand i have the problem of imports. i didn't found how to  

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using medini QVT in eclipse - Java Beginners
using medini QVT in eclipse  hello, I wish use medini QVT as plugin in eclipse for my application. Can someone help me to find these import that I found them in the site of medini QVT in ection of usingMedinQVTForAppliction 

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mediniQVT       medini QVT 1.0 released At the core of every model-driven development tool chain, model transformations are the key for process automation. medini QVT 

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