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Ajax Login Example

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thanks a lot! nice one, been stuck on this problem for some time, great job  

very good 

ajax dought
I am new in ajax your code relating to ajax mainly developed on php so i cannot work in jsp how this can be done in jsp 

Nice Programs, Regarding Php
Hello, It is very nice to learn many thing. But I want regarding PHP. How can I connect to a data base i.e. MS-access or MySql by using PHP. 

problem in login form
your application is good. but it can't run from us. above code for ajax example that will store from which extension? plz explain us in detail above example about login form. it can't run from us........ help us...plz........ 

simply super but u can increase if user id and pass is authorized go to one page else go to error page really i appreciate thanQ U millions time 

Very useful site. Been able to learn a lot. Explanations provided make it easier to understand. GREAT LEARNING CENTER. Thanks a lot!! 

enter key doesn't work
your ajax example does not work if the enter key is pressed while the focus is in the password text field. it appears you intended for it to work since you gave the form an onsubmit action. but it simply doesn't work. i am having this proble 

ajax example
the example is nicely coded  

i'm not getting anything from this ajax tutorial. 

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