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Five common Ajax patterns

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Problem with Ajax
hello..sir...i am developing a simple servlet wich contains 2 combo box & submit button.The value of second combo box is filled according to 1st.so i m using ajax.this is done correctly,but when i submit the page,it shows me value of second combo box 

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Five common Ajax patterns
Five common Ajax patterns         First published by IBM developerWorks at http... Perhaps the most common Ajax task is to request updated HTML from 

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AJAX Patterns
AJAX Patterns       The publicly editable repository of all things Ajax. Design Patterns, Frameworks, Libraries, Tools and Links Read full Description 

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any alternaive for AJAX - Ajax
application. But if Ajax can solve your problem without going into deep or spending more... developing a web application for my final year project. very one knows AJAX which... any... given below to create application in ajax 

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Ajax with BIRT - Ajax
Ajax with BIRT  Hai i am currently working on BIRT in a company... is my code.. JSP and Servlet using AJAX function getXMLObject... returning the ajax object created } var xmlhttp = new getXMLObject(); //xmlhttp 

Design concepts & design patterns Questions

Ajax  DEAR SIR, Thank you for all your help.This problem i asked you many days before,but did not get some answer.i will be obliged if you throw... options. I want to do it using ajax. My table is CREATE TABLE HT<em> 

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code problem:ajax - Ajax
code problem:ajax  Hi,I am using ajax to populate a select box.for this I am writing out.write("ONE"); like that.it runs fine in firefox.bt not in IE.Can anyone help me out this... thanks 

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AJAX  Thank you for all your help.This problem i asked you many days before,but did not get some answer.i will be obliged if you throw some light... ajax. My table is CREATE TABLE HTNEWMETER ( ID NUMBER (10) NOT NULL, METERNO 

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ajax  I am facing following problem, I am using ajax to get... to solv this problem. I don't know why it is giving ready state as 1 every time. I am new to ajax.Please help me in resolving this problem. Following is my 

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Ajax problem
Ajax problem  Dear sir/mam i want to ask that i am using radio button for the yes or no but i want when i use yes then inside the yes button add on one extra textbox if press no the do not required text button 

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ajax problem - Ajax
ajax problem   var xmlObj = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); function selctData(form) { var source = (form.first.options[form.first.selectedIndex].text) var url = "../Data?country= "+source /*+ "&r=" + new Date 

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