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Accessing Database from servlets through JDBC!



regarding jdbc connection
sir, will u please mail me how change from type1 driver to type4 driver in oracle 10g without changing my code 

Problem with Struts
Hi. I am building a simple web application using struts. I have two tables in my oracle database by the names user_details having usernames and passwords and the to_do_list having serial no., task, due date and status of the number of task to be don 

IT was really helpfull.... 

Very well, need update for 1.6.

java witn jdbc, servlet programme, jsp.
please forward some initial level projects thankyou 

jdbe and j2ee
I am sudhir .I want to learn some material from your sites. 

Accessing Database from servlets
i need a code and process that implements : client gives log in and password if it matches then his related mark sheet will open using servlet. i do many tries to make it but unfortunately i could not plz help me 

servlet & jdbc
could i know is why my program is giving exception of ClassNotFoundException for Class.forName(com.mysql.jdbc.Driver) 

accessing db using servlet
Its still in confusion 

jdbc connectivity
it is very easy to understand if we know the basics. very easy to recollect. 

Thanks regarding program
Thank you for your program.Its works perfectly and mactches my search result exactly 

Give Sollution for the error
hi,this is Siva.I got a error message "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'admin'." while executing Servlets with JDBC in Apache Tomcat Server. Please any one can give the solution to solve the above error. 

connectivity engi
it was really usefull thank you  

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jdbc connection
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