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Send Email From JSP & Servlet

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Gr8b tutorial
great tutorial but i wud be greatful if u can provide sm description of the functions used. Thanx 

Hi! Please help me I get the HTTP 404 Error
I am trying to use your guided code for emailing using Java Servlet. I putted the file in "mailservlet.class" C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes And Email at Root But still i get HTTP Statu 

I dont understand
Can you show me detail, how to use javamail, and example to send email in JSP step by step 

Project for college
I am doing a college project wghich is quite same as yahoo group. We want to build a portal which should have message sending facility. One of my senior told me that for this we have to buy SMTP protocol. Is that true? Is there any other process in w 

Code of send an email with pdf or txt file in jsp
Respected Sir/Mam, I am Asha Bhatt.I am working Onika Tech company before 1 week.Please give me the code of sending an email with connection & how to attech txt file in this code.My emailId is Thank  

how to set web logic server to work with java mail
how to set web logic server to work with java mail when i am giving the localhost parameter in properties at runtime Exception is generated i.e. send mail Exception Please give me the answers and Exact code for the above problem  

Excellent..........Thank you SIR
You provide me with important settings, i mean configuration settings for tomcat. They works well. With the help of this content i could resolved all the problems, now im succeed in sending mails. Thank you so much sir. Really nice job sir. 

data retrieval
how will retrieve the data, audio, videos, and etc..from data base using j2ee language. 

Best and Kind
I've proud your website ever because more lessons and references so we may leave more thanks roseindia community... Best Regards, API Manila  

Sending comment
Very Easy and good example  

smtp not available from servlet
Thank you for this clear example, unfortunately, after upgrading my web server the servlet began thowing an smtp exception. Sending mail from a java app on same server works so my IT guy says its my problem to solve. Any clues would be appreciated. 

error in sending mail
ERROR: javax.mail.messageException:could not connect to SMTP host:localhost port:25; nested Exception is: refused: connect 

it is good .... but i want to know about auto generated mail .... 

Nice Tutorial
Hi, This is nice and clearly explain. It is easy to understand. 

need more information
hii.. this mail sending code works well!!! but i need to code the button.. that is when ok/submit(button) is pressed on a html form, a mail is generated its content or generation is not shown. its content is in a particular format and received from t 

J2ee Tutorial 

thanks for guid and code it will help me a lot. 

this tutorial is very good but I wonder how it would look if I had a calculator, where the result of an operation were sent to my e-mail after activating the "send" button on your calculator. if you can help me I would be very grateful Thayane 

checking email
wow.. its working man 

how to download mail.jar and activation.jar 

Help a Lot
Information about sending was really fruitful nd helped me a lot...... 

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