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Open Source Download

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Goodwork ! Iwas trying to search for a downloadabl
Goodwork ! Iwas trying to search for a downloadable videoconferencing server which can be usefull in our company domain to work .You know where i can find it? Thanks  

Hi all,I am a student.I need software for working
Hi all,I am a student.I need software for working on struts.I as wel need a guidence to work with a sample program on it. 

sir, i am final year student(cse) wana sou
sir, i am final year student(cse) wana source code for enhancement of background of video(playing movies) 

clustering web search results
i am final year student(cse) i want a source code for clustering web search results  

library management and office management
Hi All ! I am trying to find library management and office management software which can be used in school/college. Thanks 

java source code forlan messenger
hi, i want a coding of lan messenger in java. kriti(b.tech cs3rd) 

i want source code 

i wanna to get the java source code for messenger  

lan messenger in java
hi, i want coding of complete runnable lan messenger in java 

squid configure

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