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The material is very apt. easy to understand however certain things need to be reviewed as far as the language is concerned for eg. "WSDL is similar to java interface and an object reference joined together or in other words, we can say web services  

spring frame work
I want deploy to spring framework version 2.5.1 using IDE is oracle JDeveloper version 10.1.2, and using the server is Oracle Application Server. Please let me know how can deploy spring framework in oracle Jdeveloper and give sime example codein 

Diffrence between Top down and Bottom up apprach
There is only the top-down approach (contract first) to build SOA based applications. The WSDL is designed from a business point of view and is not driven by a service consumer or an existing application. The "WSDL to Java" tool generates java code a 

Implementation of ATM interface in j2EE
please help me on the above subject matter. Iam developing an application that would connect to ATM and other external plugin. Thanks  

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webservices  can any one tell me how to develop and execute ---------- j2ee webservices example in weblogic server with (netbeans or eclipse 

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webservices in java
webservices in java  what is the real time use of webservices in java 

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WebServices In Java  Need Web Services Examples in eclipse. Regards, Sathya 

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WebServices In Java  Sample Example with screen shots using eclipse in java.it contain lower level to higher level example 

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webservices security  am doing project in web services security. can one sugesst me a best application for web service 

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Webservices - WebSevices
Webservices  Hi All, Can anybody send me the sample application for developing webservices using axis2 with Eclipse Plugin. Thanks. regards anwar 

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webservices - WebSevices
webservices  Hi All, My name is Anwar and i am learning webservices i find that there are number of ways to develop webservices which one is good.... http://www.roseindia.net/webservices/web-services-development.shtml Thanks 

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What is webservices?
What is webservices?  What is web-services and what are the different types of web-services? It would be great if someone explain me the difference between these types of web-services in Java 

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WebServices In JAVA  need sample example for webservice in java platform(web application)   Hi, Please check Web Services Examples in NetBeans. Thanks 

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